At Hyde Park Builders, your premier home remodeling company in the Tampa Bay area, we believe EVERY home should be a source of comfort, pride and pleasure to its owner. We also appreciate the seriousness of hiring a contractor. It’s a major decision. After all, you’re talking about spending a lot of money, temporarily disrupting your lifestyle, and making lots of important decisions you’ll have to live with for a long time. It sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Living in the same house with the same décor can become tiresome. You may be sitting in your living room one day and realize that you are bored of the aesthetic of the room. Or you may be cooking in your kitchen one day and find that the stove is dated and that you could use an island to chop your vegetables more efficiently. With these things on your mind, you should be looking for a home remodeling company in the Tampa Bay areas that can help you give your house a fresh, new look. Hyde Park Builders is a company that looks forward to working with you and to bring comfort and pride back into your home.

Some of the home remodeling services we specialize in are:

Whole House Renovation

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

One and Two Story Additions

Historic Renovations and Restoration

Universal Design


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